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Uczta z sekretem

The only such combination of dinner with a story full of intrigues and secrets. In addition to delicious dishes, we will serve you an entrance to a world full of puzzles, created by dance, acting and visual and acoustic effects.

Stand face to face with the demonic Magnatka and take part in a game in which your task will be to discover the secrets hidden by the main characters. It is an evening full of surprises and attractions that integrate and activate participants to have fun together. The project works well for both organized groups and people who don't know each other.

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Although this is a party issued by Magnatka, do not be fooled by the splendor. In the dungeon of her estate, Służka is imprisoned and tries unsuccessfully to free herself. No one has ever seen her face. Rumor has it that the servants in this house cannot reveal even a scrap of the body - the vain lady of the house does not want to divert her from even a lot of attention. Magnatka despises this subordinate the most. Served with the smallest offense, the Servant tries to free the mysterious character, but even she will need the help of the guests gathered to feast to defeat the diabolical Magnate.

Solve the puzzles, find the key to Handmaid's shackles and discover her secret. Or ... support Magnatka and enjoy the decadent dinner she had. Decide for yourself which side you will take. Join the group of our excellent guests and expect the unexpected.

Written and directed by: Marcin Mroziński
Music setting: DJ
Magnatka – Agnieszka Mrozińska / Diana Krupa / Aleksandra Przesław
Służka – Klaudia Kwiatos / Natalia Jóźwiak
Tajemnicza postać – Adrianna Kawecka / Marka Jakubowska
Duration: około 120 minut
Formula: served dinner