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Mysterious dinner

After the success of the original Art Movement project: "Feasts with a Secret" , the time has come for a new scenario. We created the "Mysterious Dinner" in collaboration with the company Unique Gift and this project is now available on the market.

"Mysterious dinner" is a play inspired by theater art and performance with the active participation of viewers. During the performance, participants solve puzzles and riddles that vary in nature and level of difficulty, enjoying the taste of delicious meals. Guests, playing the role of detectives, discover elements of dark history, woven of numerous secrets and intrigues. They have a real impact on the plot of the created world, which is extremely addictive. The theatrical convention of fun combined with visual and acoustic effects creates a spectacular spectacle and blurs the line between the stage and the audience. Take the detective challenge and become part of it interactive show! Ready for new impressions?

Tickets: www.tajemniczakolacja.pl
Written and directed by: Marcin Mroziński / Art Movement
Music setting: DJ
Klara – Diana Krupa / Aleksandra Przesław
Konrad – Jakub Kotyński / Piotr Choma
Bruno – Piotr Choma / Jakub Kotyński
Duration: about 120 minutes
Formula: served dinner