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Team Building online

Team Building Online Art Movement- gra online

An unusual online game, whose humorous plot and theatrical convention will make the meeting participants feel special. An event full of surprises and attractions that will integrate and engage everyone to have fun together. The project is full of humor, it works great for both organized groups and people who don't know each other.

We invite you to a world full of puzzles, created by acting, dance and visual and acoustic effects. The game consists of three stages interspersed with artistic performances with the participation of actors and dancers. Participants of the meeting will have to face a series of tasks and puzzles of different character and level of difficulty. After the grand opening with the participation of everyone, we divide the participants into smaller groups and place in separate "rooms". The element of competition will intensify emotions and mobilize them to fight for victory.

We play the game using a simple application that does not require registration from participants. Guests will see and hear each other. With the help of a short instruction, everyone will be able to handle the application themselves. The administrator watches over the whole thing.


Just before the game starts, it turns out that the host does not appear on it. All assistants fall on his assistants. How will they cope with this difficult situation? The weave of comic events will introduce a bit of chaos, so it is important for the participants to show cunning and perceptiveness. Only one group will win big. Who will be the biggest winner?

Duration: about 60 minutes.

Formula: online

Team Building online Art Movement